Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Quick, March!!

Shit-is it? Already?? Blimey-time flies when you're having fun, huh??
FUN?: your definition please, Mr. Kennedy.
Errrrm..well, insofar as my training is concerned, I'd pretty much have to say I have really REALLY enjoyed being so 'thrown into' it, day-in, day-out. No, honestly I have..there have been some horrendously tired moments, but mainly due to that bloody thing called work getting in the way; getting home at 01:00ish one week, getting up at 02:30ish the next plays absolute havoc with the ability to switch off and sleep for more than just a few hrs at a time. But the actual time spent swimming, cycling or running has been great; felt really comfortable and ever more so 'in the groove'. I seem to have ingrained into my being the routine of(and need to, maybe) regular, meaningful, training sessions. I've been getting a bag ready for work at 8pm, ready for an 03:00 commute on the bike, and been looking forward to the crisp, quiet morning air; I've found myself day dreaming on the way home on a train around midday, thinking about which route I can take for a run, once lunch is out the way, or of how many/how long the sets in the pool will be, how I can keep the interest and work myself. So I obviously am enjoying it, so it must be fun, right?..Right?? Just ignore me when I look like a zombie, and have a face like a smacked arse, it's just the lack of sleep!!

One piece of sad news this month to report.
My Nan (Dad's mum) died after a period of ill health, aged a whopping 90 yrs old.
My last grand parent has gone off to wherever it is they go, to prepare biscuits, cakes and sweeties for me, for whenever it is I'll get a chance to be spoiled rotten by them again. She's having a much deserved rest after a life of looking after 10 kids, and dozens of grand kids. Sleep well xx

I'm feeling less pressure and stress in general, thanks(?) to the lack of relationship constraints, and trying to spread myself too thin all the time. I've been able to use my rest time properly and actually put my feet up, relax and recharge. And I have noticed the difference in a massively positive way; I fear the above paragraph could not have been on the subject it is, had I not learned to switch off when needed. I have also been able to have some great times with Fletcher without the need to have us 'fit in' with others, just me and him, mucking around, playing and enjoying our time together. Those are happy days indeed.

Breaking news: Hastings Half done (with some Team Outrageous guys) in a Personal Best time, and sub 8min/miling for the first time in a race above 5k.

Races to date 2011: Thanet Duathlon 2.4M/9M/4.5M Time: 02h30m (fun only) Cold water swim champs-Tootin Bec Lido. Relay, 30m(freezing fun)

Kentish Killer cyclo-sportive: 72.8M in 05h34m (inc 2 pitstops for munchies)

Hastings Half-Marathon: 01:42:28

Stats for week 7:
Weight 13st 3lb (-4lb)
Body fat % 14.2 (-.4%)
H2O % 62.2 (-)

ta ta for now


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