Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The Good, The Bad, So Hug Me??

Hey ho, here we go with February's 1st blog..
since last time around:

The Good..
Training is really getting in the groove, weight is dropping and I've got that exercise addiction feeling going on. Regular sessions are really moreish and are self perpetuating; the more I do, the more I want to do..something, anything!..Swimming is becoming strangely.. easy??, I've gone from forcing myself thru half a mile to 'just pushing on' thru 2500m in 50mins within 3 wks-because I was enjoying it so much! Running is feeling comfortable, and more so it seems with every pound lost; quite happily doing 7miles @8m30s per mile pace and not feeling like I'm working too hard. No ankle issues either. I've got a good, fast cadence(>80) going on the bike, 15mph ave. pretty much everywhere, on fat 25mm commuter tyres, and up to 45 miles of rolling hills(pretty much all I ride) now.

The Bad..
Hmm..so, did you hear about the 'relationship issues'??..no?? Well, here's the news-I'm having to accept that I've relegated myself to the single league again. Not an easy thing to explain, but...I have a job that is time consuming; sometimes up at 03:00 one week, sometimes home at 01:00 the next, leaves you whacked. My boy doesn't live with me, have to make time for him to come see me, spend time with me. Have to. I need to train, as I've decided to join the circus of 'later life sport' (which to be fair, will benefit me, and my boy, so I certainly don't see that as a selfish pursuit) which also requires allotted time. Time for myself?? Hmm...maybe not, if you are seeing someone with kids of her own, like a bloody military manoever fitting in-between different families. Couple this with the fact I really, REALLY don't like not living with my boy, and sometimes spending more time with the 'other half's' kids..well there's just a volcano of discomfort waiting to manifest into an emotional 'blowout'. I just can't be a nasty, tantrum-prone man, so for me, it was easier to remove myself from the problem equation, and concentrate on what, right now, is important; My boy's relationship with me, work, and me(and my sporting lifestyle).

So Hug Me??
haha, well..maybe not YOU-but the metaphorical hugging I'm benefiting from right now is in the form of just talking more to people I need to. Old friends from school, the Triathlon, running and cycling community and online world..discussing things that are just, you know, 'me'. And of course-my real hugs from Fletcher, my boy wonder and raison d'etre. Nothing ever quite makes me so happy, needed, or determined to be a relative success than one of his best, and the accompanying smile.

Races to date 2011: Thanet Duathlon 2.4M/9M/4.5M Time: 02h30m (fun only)

Cold water swim champs-Tootin Bec Lido. Relay, 30m(freezing fun)

Jobs to do this week:
Prep bike for Kentish Killer sportive

Stats for week 7:
Weight 13st 7lb (-4lb)
Body fat % 14.6 (-1.4%)
H2O % 62.2 (+0.7)

ta ta for now