Sunday, 7 November 2010

Runs have been going well on a random basis for a few weeks now, and completed a Duathlon too. Counting down the days until my Lanza schedule kicks off!!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Strange day today. Ankle injury has blighted my season for 3wks now, came at so the wrong time as was flying in terms of progress. Cycling been coming on a bundle in the last week, and feeling good. Had a few tentative minutes running to see how that would feel and was not as straight forward as I'd hoped; initially felt 'lop sided' due to being a little cautious, then felt a little stiff and sore, now feels fine again. Hmmmmmmm..I don't deal with this injury crap, had enough of that from playing football! It originally looked like this..thankfully not so now, but it is a painfully slow process and I'm running out of patience. Pls excuse those last 2 puns! lol..Sense of humour not destroyed quite yet! Big race at the weekend and still undecided if I can do it-the swim and bike will be no problem, the run is now scary! | View Hills Training Ride in South Darenth, United Kingdom | View Hills Training Ride in South Darenth, United Kingdom

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Hello peeps, welcome to my Ironman Lanzarote journey!
I'll be keeping a record over the next 10 months of how it feels to live, breathe and train for the biggest test I'll have put my body through so far, in my life.
I'm doing this partly for myself as a definite log to reference and utilize for training purposes, and partly to let out some steam and share the junk which inevitably builds up when you commit to training regimes and work to a personal goal.
There will be mundane notices about training sessions, nutrition, physical wellbeing etc., and there will also be snippets of how I'm dealing with the emotional/psychological effect; what motivates and drives me to not just sit back and get fat and lazy.
I hope that some will find it an interesting insight into the life of a stubborn, determined, overstressed, under-rested but ultimately life-loving: Dad, Triathlete, and Train Driver.