Thursday, 15 July 2010

Strange day today. Ankle injury has blighted my season for 3wks now, came at so the wrong time as was flying in terms of progress. Cycling been coming on a bundle in the last week, and feeling good. Had a few tentative minutes running to see how that would feel and was not as straight forward as I'd hoped; initially felt 'lop sided' due to being a little cautious, then felt a little stiff and sore, now feels fine again. Hmmmmmmm..I don't deal with this injury crap, had enough of that from playing football! It originally looked like this..thankfully not so now, but it is a painfully slow process and I'm running out of patience. Pls excuse those last 2 puns! lol..Sense of humour not destroyed quite yet! Big race at the weekend and still undecided if I can do it-the swim and bike will be no problem, the run is now scary!

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