Saturday, 3 July 2010

Hello peeps, welcome to my Ironman Lanzarote journey!
I'll be keeping a record over the next 10 months of how it feels to live, breathe and train for the biggest test I'll have put my body through so far, in my life.
I'm doing this partly for myself as a definite log to reference and utilize for training purposes, and partly to let out some steam and share the junk which inevitably builds up when you commit to training regimes and work to a personal goal.
There will be mundane notices about training sessions, nutrition, physical wellbeing etc., and there will also be snippets of how I'm dealing with the emotional/psychological effect; what motivates and drives me to not just sit back and get fat and lazy.
I hope that some will find it an interesting insight into the life of a stubborn, determined, overstressed, under-rested but ultimately life-loving: Dad, Triathlete, and Train Driver.

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