Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Been a while since the last post, and not really got into anything like a routine until just recently. Manflu, twice, snowed in, twice, and the stress that places on worklife and more importantly, seeing the boy, kinda pooped my party! Been doing little bits and pieces of training since the turn of the new year, getting the body ready for more 'proper' stuff, and feeling positive to the whole(huge) task ahead.
Now as good a time as any to start back on the blog trail, so..........

There are now just under 19 weeks 'til the big day on Lanzarote, and to be honest, I've gotta say, considering the above, I'm pretty happy with the condition I'm in. I'm comfortably 8min miling for upto 30 mins or so, but am also comfortable upto 8/9 miles of plodding too. To put that into perspective, that's pretty much better than previous early year 'form'. Cycling legs are good enough for an hour of grinding through mudbath marshes on the MTB, and an hour commute to/fro work is a walk in the park. Swimming good for half mile or so in comfort.
I've somehow miraculously managed to avoid putting on weight, even a few pounds lighter than 2mnths ago after a few short, sharp sessions interspersed with a couple of longer efforts, since Xmas.
Time to get some better planning of sessions and some specificity thrown into the mix.

Races to date 2011: Thanet Duathlon 2.4M/9M/4.5M Time: 02h30m (fun only)

Jobs to do this week:
Get the road bike into commuting/winter training condition-new tyres, mudguards, clean/lube/overhaul of drivetrain, including fitting sprocket for hillclimbing.

Stats for week 2:
Weight 13st 11lb
Body fat % 16
H2O % 61.5

ta ta for now


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